Trucking Business Fatigue


For some reason people have this picture of entrepreneurship being fabulous vacations and everything being seen with rose colored glasses.

Well I’m going to have to own up to the fact that I have contributed to painting that picture.

After all most of you found me because I made a post that said I had 5 trucks running up and down the road while taking a photo in Mexico in front of a huge Puerto Maya sign!

Here’s the thing though…being an entrepreneur is HARD WORK.

It’s definitely ok to admit that you’re tired:

  • Of mistakes
  • Of customers
  • Of expenses
  • Of working period


Trust me! I get it.  It’s the entire reason I created my BlackSmallBiz platform!

I want to show other Black Trucking Entrepreneurs how to stop leveraging their time for money so they can post images of themselves on vacation while their business is still running and generating income!

How do you leave the tired feeling behind and reach that goal?


Whether you’re a driver, owner operator, or someone just interested in breaking into this industry I encourage you to start figuring out what you can do to help people who are struggling in this industry!

I challenge you to make a list of the things you’re tired of doing in your job/business.  Chances are there’s someone out there just like you who’s just TIRED!

Once you have that list together…I want you to think about how you can solve some of those issues.  If you can solve them for yourself...can you solve them for other’s in this industry??

This is exactly how I came up with my Truckless Coins strategy!

Can’t figure out how you can make a difference with your list? I want you to click the link below and take a look at my upcoming group coaching program called Truckless Coins!

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