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  • Stop Operating Your Grandpappy's Trucking Company

      This business is hard. It has so many road blocks (I promise absolutely no pun intended this time) All the BS might have you thinking you just c...
  • How I Started Making Money with Truckless Coins…

      When the other Owners found out we were working night work they started asking if I could get them a spot. I asked the dispatcher I was working ...
  • How We 4X'd Our Trucking Income

    When we started our dump truck business the first year we focused on how many loads we could run with our truck. That’s common sense right? The more loads we ran…the more money we would make.

  • Death to Traditional Trucking

    Let me be very clear…Traditional Trucking will keep you broke!

    Traditional trucking puts an instant glass ceiling on your earnings because if you’re driving your own truck any time you spend outside of your truck handling paperwork, at the bank, etc is time you’re not making money.