Stop Operating Your Grandpappy's Trucking Company


This business is hard. It has so many road blocks (I promise absolutely no pun intended this time) All the BS might have you thinking you just can’t make it in this industry.

Cut that shit out right now!

You absolutely can have everything you want out of this business and you can be profitable.

All you have to do is stop tying to operate your grandpappy’s trucking company.

Even the same old tricks that helped me in my business 14 years ago are no longer even valid. Starting fresh today, I would have to really step my game up.

Everyday rules and regulations in trucking change. But everyone is so hell bent on operating in the same old way. Make it make sense.

The same old strategies won’t work. So as cliche as it is, its 100% necessary to think outside the box…

No no…

Outside the cab of your truck (pun 100% intended this time).

The fundamentals of trucking haven’t changed at all. The goal is to purchase a truck to safely and quickly transport freight in exchange for money in the hope that the income is greater than the expenses so you can have a profit.

Everything else has changed from prices, regulations, equipment, and more.

But for some reason everyone is still spewing the same strategy of buying a truck and getting on a load board yet wondering why they’re not having the same fabulous results.

Yes, it works. But it’s what everybody and their baby momma is doing.

I’m probably all over the place but lets just sum it up in a universal language.


Anybody can follow a recipe and try to produce cookie cutter results. But everyone’s tastebuds are different. So when it’s all finished your momma and daddy may add a little hot sauce, you know like a nice Texas Pete or Crystals. But you and your cousins might get fancy with it and hit your plate with some Sriracha.

The old folks probably turn their nose up at you and tell you you’re doing it all wrong. Y’all went about it differently but either way you end up with some spicy ass food right?

You know you want to be in trucking because there’s money in it. But you keep letting people tell you hot sauce is the only way to make it rain.

What if I told you that you could make money in this trillion dollar industry without having to follow the same old route?

What if I showed you ways that you can make money even if a load never gets completed?

What if you could create an income in trucking with the skills you already have and use everyday?

There ain’t even a need for the “What if”…because my signature program is called Truckless Coins.

You know how they say hindsight is 20/20. I have 14 years of hindsight that I poured into my Truckless Coins Program.

Knowing what I know now, I show you exactly how I would build my empire in trucking and how to generate money inside the trucking industry without having to run loads or have a CDL.

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