It's Not You, It's the Industry Mentality!


Over the past 14 years there are a few things I hear again and again.  I feel like we need to nip a few of these in the bud as soon as possible…

Those in the trucking industry will have you believe that:

There’s a ton of competitors just waiting to take all YOUR money out from under you!

The only way to make money is to keep running loads in exchange for cash!

There’s no money in trucking!

There are no loads!

The only way to grow your business is to keep buying more trucks and run more loads.

Honey…let me insert my Kandi meme….

First of all…over here in the Truckless Coins camp…we don’t believe in competition.  We only believe in collaboration and your collaborators can’t take all YOUR money out from under you because no one, two, or ten businesses can claim the $700+ BILLION dollars floating around this industry.

Secondly, (wait is that a word? I don’t know but I’m using it) there’s a ton of opportunities in the trucking industry that you can take advantage of to generate cash.  A lot of them don’t require a truck (and no I’m not talking about brokering).

No money in trucking?? I pity the fool (in my Mr. T voice even though I only have on two gold chains) Trucking is creeping up on being a TRILLION dollar industry!

When people tell me there’s no loads I always like to remind them that they own TRUCKS and the trucks are MOBILE. Basically if there are no loads where you are based you have to be willing to travel.  Staying stuck in one place will have you believing this myth and will also keep you broke.

Buying more trucks will DEFINITELY increase your income…as long as you can keep them all running.  But guess what else buying more trucks does…it increases your liability, your expenses, and your dependence (drivers) on other people to make your money!

Please do your OWN research and don’t hop into or out of this trucking industry simply based off of what someone has told you! Whether it’s good or bad find concrete info to support your decisions!

Just my little 2 sense for the day. 

I called my strategies of making money without our truck Truckless Coins and that’s where my program was built. Truckless Coins are ways to generate money inside the trucking industry without having to run loads or have a CDL.

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