I'm Happy I Didn't Allow Traditional Trucking Stop Me From Building A Six Figure Business!


I’m happy I didn’t let “Traditional Trucking” stop me from building a 6-Figure business…

Recently I hosted a FREE webinar called Death To Traditional Trucking where I shared with the audience that adding Truckless Coins opportunities to my business is what really changed the game for us.

See our first year in business we were just shy of hitting the Six Figure mark and the next year we grew our business over 4X!

Even after subcontracting/payroll expenses we were able to crack the Six Figure mark and then some!

How was this possible?

We simply focused on helping other Owner Operators!

We figured out the huge problems we ran into with our own business and we solved them in other people’s businesses!

I’m not talking about taking advantage of Owner Operators by any means. I’m talking about HELPING owner operators.

We took some tedious tasks off of their plates which gave them MORE opportunity to make money moves.

Basically my Truckless Coins strategies created a win win situation for everyone involved and the other Owner Operators became our raving fans!

NONE OF THIS would have ever happened if we stuck to Traditional Trucking methods of buying a truck, running loads for money, and buying more trucks.


You have to think outside of the box!

Wondering what the heck that means? It means that the money in trucking resides in positioning yourself to help Owner Operators have more success by doing things you already do everyday anyway.

I turned all of my different strategies and income streams into my Truckless Coins Program. Truckless Coins are ways to generate money inside of the trucking industry without having to run loads or have a CDL.

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