How I Started Making Money with Truckless Coins…


When the other Owners found out we were working night work they started asking if I could get them a spot. I asked the dispatcher I was working for and he told me I could send as many trucks as I wanted.


So I told the first guy I had a spot for him that night and that my fee would be $25/ticket he turned in. He agreed and started working for me every night.  By the end of the week I had 7 trucks working under me.

That first week I made more money Brokering (that’s what I was doing and I had no idea) than my fiancé did driving the truck all week.  Not to mention we still had to take fuel and maintenance out of the money he made.

After realizing the power I now had… I was on a quest to figure out all the ways I could make money in my trucking business that didn’t require us to run the truck.

I was so sick of our truck getting pulled over by DOT, racking up huge repair bills, and the uneasy feeling I had every time the phone would ring there would be another issue with our truck.

I called my strategies of making money without our truck Truckless Coins and that’s where my program was built. Truckless Coins are ways to generate money inside the trucking industry without having to run loads or have a CDL.

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