How We 4X'd Our Trucking Income


Simply put...Mindset Shifts…

I know, I know. That is NOT what you wanted to hear….but slow down and go down this road with me.

When we started our dump truck business the first year we focused on how many loads we could run with our truck. That’s common sense right? The more loads we ran…the more money we would make.

That year the Bae bust his ass working in the quarry running tonnage 5-6 days a  week and at night he ran  asphalt by the hour 4-5 nights a week and we did less than $100K

The following year we stopped being so self-absorbed in our business. That mindset shift took us from being load hoarders and shifted our focus to how many loads we could book for our competition instead. 

It wasn't even just about the loads.

We also started helping them find and buy trucks, and helping them secure loans and much more.

That year we did over 4X the previous year.

The Secret Sauce

Stop worrying only about how much money you can make and instead focus on how you can help somebody else win.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised how lucrative helping other folks get to where you are or what you’ve got can be.

I turned all those things that we did for our competition into my Truckless Coins Program where I show Owner Operators how to get more out of their trucking business.

There are things you do everyday already for your own business that your competition needs and would be willing to pay you for.

I know because that’s how we 4X’d our income in the 2nd year we were in business.

I turned all of my different strategies and income streams into my Truckless Coins Program. Truckless Coins are ways to generate money inside of the trucking industry without having to run loads or have a CDL.

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