Death to Traditional Trucking


I KNOW I KNOW…those are pretty harsh words.  But I’m just getting started…

Let me be very clear…Traditional Trucking will keep you broke!

What is traditional trucking? 

Over the years those who enter trucking seem to follow a very similar path…

  • Finance a truck
  • Find a company to work for
  • Run loads in exchange for money
  • Reinvest to buy more trucks
  • Hire drivers to drive those trucks
  • Pray (for a check and for your truck not to break down)

While that doesn’t sound that bad to most people as a 3rd generation Owner of trucking companies here’s what I’ve learned…

You can’t make the money you really want in a traditional trucking business!

Why? Because there are a bunch of moving parts to operating a successful (profitable) trucking business!

For owner operators and small trucking companies, managing all of these things can become overwhelming quickly especially when you’re trying to maintain trucks and book consistent loads.

Traditional trucking puts an instant glass ceiling on your earnings because if you’re driving your own truck any time you spend outside of your truck handling paperwork, at the bank, etc is time you’re not making money.

Even if you don’t drive your own truck at a moments notice you whole world can be turned upside down by a number of things!

  • What if the truck breaks down?
  • What if your contract ends abruptly?
  • What if you fail to meet some compliance requirements?

Any of these things can stop money from coming into your business while operating a traditional trucking company.

After 12 years in this business I’ve noticed 4 main areas that owner operators struggle with in their business.

The 5 Struggle Zones:

  • Compliance & Paperwork
  • Maintenance
  • Finances
  • Securing Work
  • Drivers

I have found that the little things I do in my business every single day can be a tremendous help if I took the time to do them for other Owner Operators.

By me taking on these tasks it affords them the time they need to continue to focus on the money making actions in their business.

Armed with this knowledge, I have been able to find where my skills and daily tasks fit into the 4 problem areas mentioned above.

I quickly learned that if I can solve these same problems for other Owner Operators they would be more than happy to pay me for it. DUHHHH

In fact as I shifted my focus to how I could help other Owner Operators (instead of focusing on how my truck could make money) my income completely 4X’d itself!

THIS is where my Truckless Coins Program was born.

Owning a truck is not for everyone. But just because you don’t want to own a truck doesn’t mean you can’t collect some of the coins in this Trillion Dollar industry. 

In my Truckless Coins Program I take you through a journey that will open your eyes to the idea that the real money in trucking doesn’t always come from running your truck for checks.

In this exclusive training we will deep dive into the 5 Struggle Zones of operating a Traditional Trucking Business. 

First you must understand what creates these problems in our trucking businesses. Only then can you offer owner operators support for their biz that will have them yelling “take my money”!

Then we use my 5 Profit Maximizing Strategies to demonstrate how to create multiple income streams in each of the 4 Struggle Zones.

The Truckless Coins program:

  • Increase the income of your current trucking business so that you’re not relying solely on your drivers and your truck to collect checks.
  • Create your own vein of gold in this industry without being forced to sing into singing the same sad “there’s no money in Trucking” song we hear everyday

The Truckless Coins program is offered on my website for $1997 but when you click the link below you can get instant access for just $997


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