Minority Certification: What Results Can You Expect!

What if I told you that by taking the time to apply for your minority certification you could take a start up business and increase your annual gross income from $79,000 to $409,179? 

Take a second and imagine yourself using a FREE government program to help you avoid costly trial and error mistakes.  Wouldn’t you want to speed things up so that you can reap the benefits of doing everything correctly from the start?

By taking advantage of the Minority Certification program you will have a guide to help you streamline the process of building a solid business. Then you will easily

  • Increase your income,
  • build long-term relationships,
  • create a strong reputation for your business,
  • and create bigger financial opportunities.

The best part is you can become certified in as little as 3 months from the time you submit your application.  But by using the Certified CASH system you can actually start creating your own highly profitable opportunities immediately!

Minority Certification Results
Minority Certification Results

You want learn all about this process from someone who has gone through the entire experience!  Not just a person who is trained to get your certified.  Someone who has had an opportunity to use their certification for more than just getting government contracts! 

Find out how becoming Minority certified can allow you to:

  • Increase your income by 406% with almost no effort
  • Create jobs for other minorities in your community/industry
  • Generate well over half a Million Dollars in payroll for other minorities
  • Create a loyal group of people ready to work with you and for you at any time
  • Build a strong reputation for your business
  • Change DENIED loans to approvals
  • Receive emails and phone calls from government agencies and major corporations requesting your services

I know this because thats exactly what becoming minority certified did for our business. Between me and my fiancé, we have combined over 30 years of experience in trucking. In addition I have 11 years working and learning the ropes in a family owned small business.

With all of that experience and the courage to just try, we’ve helped dozens of other owner operators simplify the process and get started right away with:

  • finding good equipment,
  • qualifying for financing,
  • securing work,
  • getting certified,
  • and even finding employees!

The Certified CASH System helps you avoid making costly mistakes and wasting months trying things that just won’t help you in the end.  Instead you can follow a system that helps you start a new business or turn your existing business into a company that government agencies and major corporations can’t resist!

Get started today by discovering some major corporations that want to work with Minority Certified businesses today! Go to bit.ly/bsbsupplierdirectory and grab your copy of the Corporate Supplier Diversity Directory.

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