Minority Certification: What Results Can You Expect!

What if I told you that by taking the time to apply for your minority certification you could take a start up business and increase your annual gross income from $79,000 to $409,179? 

Take a second and imagine yourself using a FREE government program to help you avoid costly trial and error mistakes.  Wouldn’t you want to speed things up so that you can reap the benefits of doing everything correctly from the start? Continue reading “Minority Certification: What Results Can You Expect!”

What is Minority Certification all about?

Today I want to talk to you all about those Minority Programs you hear me speak about so often.   I know I have a lot of new people joining my audience so I thought it was important to make sure you all have a good understanding of what these program are designed for.

The majority of people I speak to about these programs have no idea that they exist.  It’s truly a shame because just by knowing that these programs are here…you open yourself up to a whole new world of income potential!

If you have NEVER heard of Minority Certification or other small business certifications don’t worry! At some point I had no idea about them either.  That’s actually the reason I started blacksmallbiz.com.  I found there was a need for someone to be shouting about these programs every chance possible.  Continue reading “What is Minority Certification all about?”